Emotional Hygiene
<p>Emotional Hygiene is all about cleaning up our emotions, not suppressing them. We recognize them, hopefully in their early states, and then use methods to transform them into their healthy opposite. Negative emotions like anger, fear, jealousy and arrogance are emotions that naturally creep up on us. They’re part of being human. We recognize them even in their early states. However, not being aware of the extent of our negative emotions and leaving them unchecked can create real problems for us in our personal and professional lives. You will learn: - about the main types of negative emotions and how they are destructive to us and others - to recognize negative emotions as they creep up on us - ways to reduce negative emotions in your professional and daily life - to transform negative emotions into their positive opposites without suppressing them - by reducing negative emotions, you will enhance your compassion and joy</p>
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