<p>Mindfulness is an important practice to become aware, heal, and feel well. It is about training our minds to be in the present moment, observing our inner life, our thoughts, feelings and even bodily sensations. This allows us to transform the negative attitudes into positive ones. Our busy days are filled with many difficult situations, triggering many types of reactions. We often fail to look within, to observe our reactions in a more objective way. In the typical life of a medical professional, on the front lines of mental and physical anguish, being exhausted and overwhelmed has become the status quo. Mindfulness can help soften some of that. You will learn: - to become more aware in the present moment of your thoughts and emotions - to recognize negative emotions as they arise, so they can be more easily transformed - about 2 forms of Mindfulness (with a small ‘m’ and a capital ‘M’) - to be more present and find more joy</p>
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