Healthy Self-Confidence
<p>Many of us feel weak and insecure but still try to show that we are strong through the way we walk and talk. Many of us in the early years of our practice have impostor syndrome. Healthy self-confidence is not about being arrogant or hidden insecurity, but about neither putting yourself nor others down. To cultivate a state of healthy self-confidence, it is very useful to develop a sense of mindfulness, a way of turning inward and knowing what’s happening in the present moment. This will help you realize and acknowledge when you are putting yourself and/or others down. Healthy self-confidence avoids the extremes of putting ourself down, and putting others down. You will learn: - to shift the focus away from your ego, towards others, wishing them well - to work better within teams by communicating confidently without arrogance, respecting others - to recognize and eliminate the shortcomings of arrogance - to reduce and eliminate your feelings of self-doubt</p>
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